About 360hometours.ca Inc

The Company

360hometours.ca Inc is based in the Tri-Cities of the Greater Vancouver area and provides professional photography, video and film services, aerial photography and video (UAV, drone, heli, blimp) services, virtual tours (360 pans, Matterport fully interactive and immersive), measuring and drafting services, design and print.

We specialize in photography for architecture and lifestyle cinematic films for luxury properties, estates and developments.

Our primary goal is to provide top quality visuals and exceptional service to our clients.

360hometours.ca Inc is owned and operated by PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) Architecture Accredited Professional Photographer Dan Kirchner.


The Team

The 360-Team consists of an exceptionally talented group of individuals, striving to deliver the best products and services in the market place!


Dan Kirchner - Managing Director
David O'Brien - Director of Film Production
Ché Moore - Director of Technology and Design
Cedric Holz - Director of Aerial Operations
Christin Herrmann - Director of Administration
Rochelle Blaak-Herron - Administrative Assistant
Giulia Hambsch - Social Media

Photography & Virtual Tours Division

Dan Kirchner - Professional Photographer
Barbara Tili - Professional Photographer
Hamid Safi - Professional Photographer
Rod Datoc - Professional Photographer
Andrei Pisarev - Professional Photographer
Ana Matovinovic - Professional Photographer
Suzanne Rushton - Professional Photographer
Igor Cucier - Post Production
Boris Maganic - Matterport, Virtual Tours & VR

Film Division

David O'Brien - Director of Film Production
Gerry Chow - Professional Videographer
Lon Gross - Professional Videographer
Stefan van Mourik - Professional Videographer
Joe Ibra - Professional Videographer
Noémie Di Franco - Professional Videographer

Aerial Division

Cedric Holz - Director of Aerial Operations
Geordie Milne - UAV Pilot
Krista Jamieson - Ground Supervisor

Floor Plan Division

Excelsior Measuring - Measuring and Drafting Services: 2D/3D Floor Plans
Alex Golodoniuc - Measuring and Drafting Services

The Imaging Technology

360hometours.ca Inc uses professional digital camera equipment from Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Sony.

The Enhancement Technology

360hometours.ca Inc uses Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to optimize all images; colour, distortion, white balance, contrast, clarity, shadow and highlight detail are corrected and enhanced. The image enhancement and attention to detail is in part what sets 360hometours.ca Inc apart from other real-estate marketing companies.

The Power of Professional Real-Estate Photography

Are you selling your home? Or, are you in the Real-Estate business? If so, you are already aware of the vital role photography plays in the Real-Estate market today. Images of the home being sold, whether in flyers, newspapers or online, are the primary element a buyer connects to. Images provide the first, and sometimes the only, first impression of the home.

Surveys and studies conducted by the National Association of Realtors find that increasingly, the majority of home buyers use the internet to search for their potential future home and photographs are rated as the key tool in their search. In a world geared towards the visual, in this fast-paced society eager for quality information which is convenient and immediate, and in a country in which at least 95% of households have easy access to high-speed internet (The Globe and Mail, March 2011), it should be no surprise how vital the visual component of Real-Estate marketing is. Point2 (point2.com) conducted studies which revealed that listings with more photos rather than less not only generate more views and leads, result in quicker sales, but also sell for higher prices!

It is no question that images play a crucial role in the marketing and sale of a home. Because this is so, both the home owner and the real estate agent need to consider the value of quality images. Quality images which are attractive grab the attention of the potential buyer, they accurately and clearly portray what a home looks like and has to offer - crucial information buyers need access to. Quality images which will effectively market your home can only be produced with professional Real-Estate photography. A professional photographer implements top-quality equipment, skills in framing the shot, angles and lighting, experience to know when in the day to take shots and how to best portray a room, and abilities in post-processing and editing.

If you are a Real Estate agent, how do you want to showcase your properties? Including professional images will reflect on you - associating you with quality and professionalism. If you are a home owner wanting to sell one of your most valuable investments, how do you want your home to be presented? Studies show that requesting professional photography to showcase your home will result in greater interest, increased viewers, higher selling prices and a quicker sale of your home.

Terms and Conditions

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