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360hometours.ca offers a full range of professional photography and marketing services for residential and commercial real estate professionals.

Still Photography • Twilight Photography • Virtual Tours • Matterport 3D Immersive Virtual Tours • Cinematic Marketing Films • Aerial Drone Photography & Videography • Head Shots • Feature Sheets • 2D Floor Plans & 3D Floor Plans • Staging Services • Virtual Staging

Service Prices

Prestige Real Estate Photography

Our standard service far exceeds the quality of images and customer service of other photography services in Metro Vancouver. Stunning images that attracts more buyers, sells homes faster, and earns you more referrals and income. Includes advanced lighting, basic staging service, all with a highly personable and professional service.

360hometours.ca Prestige Pricing

*Service Ad-Ons (return visit, key service, rush service etc)

Master Real Estate Photography

This highly sought after style of interiors photography is our signature service, and has become a favourite of the most discerning and top selling Realtors.

The utmost in personal service, includes a basic staging service, and only our most experienced Master photographers using cutting edge lighting and post processing techniques.

360hometours.ca Master Pricing

*Service Ad-Ons (return visit, key service, rush service etc)

Virtual Tours

Stunning images plus interactive virtual tours make your listings attract even more buyers. Adding a virtual tour creates an emotional attraction for your listing before buyers even view it, and increase the likelihood of a faster sale.

Add $25 per virtual tour to any Prestige photography package, minimum 2.

Add $30 per virtual tour to any Master photography package, minimum 2.

Elevated Mast Photography

Need a higher perspective but can't use drones? We can take elevated photographs up to a height of 26 feet.

360hometours.ca Elevated Photography 360hometours.ca Elevated Photography

Add $175 to any photography package. Includes up to 5 images.

Separate visit $250. Includes up to 5 images.

Matterport 3D Showcase: Immersive Virtual Tour

The Matterport 3D Showcase brings a listing to life! Fully engage buyers and delight your sellers! The Matterport 3D Showcase is the most realistic, immersive way to experience a property online.

9.5c/sq ft

Minimum $175

Cinematic Film

Add a cinematic lifestyle film to your listing and attract even more buyers. These are not your average Real Estate videos offered by everyone else! They tell a story of the home and capture the viewers attention right through to the ending credits.

Advanced editing includes music timed perfectly for a more cinematic and powerful marketing message. Even after your listing is sold, these films will continue to attract buyers and sellers for months. Show these at your next listing presentation and earn more business.

These films also create the perfect momento for the home owner.

Starting at $550.

Cinematic Film with Aerial/Drone Footage

The ultimate marketing tool for your luxury listing, waterfront property or acreage. Your business will literally take off once you incorporate our aerial drone video footage in our cinematic films.

Starting at $1650.

We provide the best aerial footage available in Metro Vancouver! Our aerial team is insured and fully licensed by Transport Canada to operate UAV’s (drones) commercially in the Pacific region.

Stand alone aerial video footage and/or aerial stills are available. Please inquire for pricing.

Cinematic Film Upgrades & Fees

Twilight film + $200 (onsite, as extension of daytime film)

Twilight film + $250 (for return to property)

Dual branding for co-listing (two film versions) + $100

Integrated and synchronized voice over + $300

Mandarin translation, integrated and synchronized voice over with additional version of film + $300

Additional aerial service + $500/hr

Airport approval application fee (if applicable) + $75

Unbranded film (no 360hometours.ca logo) + $500

Custom Social Media (Instagram) Teaser + $100

Min charge for film revision + $100

Additional videography, editing, revisions, customizations and motion graphic work + $100/hr

USB stick with video file (& property images) + $30 (+S&H)

Travel fee of 0.60/km and/or crew travel rate may apply

Custom Lifestyle Cinematic Film

Our signature lifestyle cinematic films take your marketing to the next level.

These custom films typically include daytime coverage, twilight coverage, aerial coverage, surrounding area/amenity coverage and a carefully crafted lifestyle component.

Please call us and we would be happy to chat with you about your specific needs.

Starting at $3350.

Floor Plans

Whether selling or renting, offering potentially interested parties a Floor Plan of your property is a proven winner. Floor Plans are requested by discerning buyers, investors and tenants. They are now considered a vital and essential marketing tool. we offer 2D, 3D and 3D interactive - ask us!

9.5c/sq ft (livable space)

+4.75c/sq (non-livable space: ie decks, patios, outdoor living spaces, garages or sheds)

Minimum $175

+7.5c/sq for 3D floor plan (with order of 2D floor plan)

Minimum $350 (2D + 3D floor plan)

Feature Sheets

We can customize our feature sheet templates with your logo, branding and colours or we can create a completely custom feature sheet/marketing brochure for your listings.

4-page (11x17) Feature Sheet
Quantity Premium Paper Card Stock
25 $65 $80
50 $100 $125
100 $135 $175
Setup for 11x17 (one time fee) $150
Print ready digital copy (PDF) $40
Rush print fee (same day) $50
Custom Brochure - 8/12/16 pages *inquire
Just Listed / Sold Postcards *inquire

Print pricing includes courier (next business day) to a commercial address. Please note, for print materials to arrive for a weekend open house design proofs must be approved by noon on Thursday.

Timeline to ensure print materials arrive for your open house on a weekend:

Staging Consultation

It’s a fact, homes that are staged sell faster and often for a higher price. Our staging consultants will work with the seller to get their home in top shape and ready to sell.

Starting at $275.


Professional business or corporate headshots are available in studio or on location.

Click here to see a Sample Gallery of headshots.

Headshot packages include a photography session up to 45 minutes, an online proof gallery (typicially 20-30 images) and three edited high resolution images.

Studio package price: $275

On location package price: $375

Commerical Photography & Marketing Services

360hometours.ca offers a full range of photography, videography and marketing services for commercial projects:

Please contact us for information on any of these services.

Service Ad Ons

  • Additional or return daytime visit to property: $150+

    A minimum $150 fee applies to an additional or return visit to a property (generally for exterior or view shots with improved weather). If more coverage is required on the return visit (ie, house has now been cleaned, painted, staged etc - up to the full package price may apply).

  • Twilight Exterior: $250+

    A minimum $250 fee applies for exterior twilight photography/videography when ordered as a separate visit to the property or a return visit.

  • Exterior daytime photography add-on to twilight photography package: $100+

    An inclusive twilight photography package includes a complete set of interior and exterior images at twilight. If you would like additional daytime coverage for the exterior of the home, gardens, view etc, there is a min $100 additional charge depending on the coverage requested.

  • Advanced image editing: $100/hr

    We can replace the sky, replace the grass, clean up the yard, declutter etc. Please ask for quote.

  • Property Consultation: $150 or $250

    We can make a trip to the property and consult with the Realtor and/or home owner to make a visual marketing plan for the property. Consultations will be made by either the Director of Photography or Director of Film or both.

  • Rush Processing: $100

  • If you are in a crunch, we can process and upload the images/virtual tour or floor plan the same day as the shoot. For our films we can rush process within 48 hours - ask for availability and quote.

  • Key Service: $30+

  • A min $30 fee applies for key pick-up/drop-off if listing is within 5km of key pick-up/drop-off location.

  • Manual delivery of images: $30

  • Standard delivery of images is via our client login. Clients requesting delivery by other method are subject to a manual delivery fee.

  • Travel to Mission/Abbotsford: $75 | Squamish/Chilliwack: $100

  • Travel is included in Metro Vancouver.

  • Tolls and Parking: at cost

Terms and Conditions of Service


If the Client utilizes any of the services of the Company, they are bound to the Terms and Conditions as outlined herein. It is the responsibility of the Client to assume that a Terms and Conditions exists, and that it should be read and understood prior to utilizing the Company services.


The Company retains all rights to creative material including photos and/or video supplied to the Client. All creative material produced for the Client is licensed, not sold, and may be used by the Client for all marketing associated with the current sale of that property in accordance with local MLS rules, unless those rules are deemed to be out of date with current Canadian Copyright Law Bill C11.

Creative material including photos and video that are for generic marketing material used by the Client will be licensed for a length of time determined at the time the original estimate is given.

Additional Usage

Subsequent usage of any media the Company supplies, such as using our photos for any promotional items other than for the listing it was photographed for, transferring the photos to another listing agent, trade, or service, requires a separate licensing agreement and an additional fee to be agreed upon.

The Company may at its discretion, resell the photos or video footage to another Client should the original listing be taken over by another listing agent. No compensation will be given to the original Client who contracted the Company to photograph or video the listing.

The Company may use photos or video for its own promotional material at any time.


Any fees quoted by the Company are for the original job description as presented by the Client. Any subsequent changes, whether made orally or in writing, may result in additional charges. Estimates are made in good faith of the time and expenses the Company anticipates and any errors and omissions made may be charged at our discretion.


Unless otherwise agreed upon, the Client shall make full payment on receipt of the invoice. Grant of any usage rights is conditioned upon receipt of payment in full. Payment may be made by etransfer, credit card or cheque.

If payment terms are not negotiated, a $50 late processing fee will be charged for invoices not paid within 14 days. After 14 days, interest will be charged on past due balances at a rate of 2% a month, commencing from the service date. After 14 days, the $50 processing fee and interest will be charged monthly until the invoice has been paid in full.


Please contact us via telephone at 604.210.1240 or email to schedule your appointment. We appreciate several days advance notice but will always do our best to accommodate short notice bookings (we may be able to book an appointment within a couple of hours of your call).

Cancellation / Rescheduling

If cancellation or rescheduling is necessary for any appointment, we prefer at least 48 hours of notice.

If cancellation or rescheduling is necessary for any photography, basic film or floor plan appointment, a minimum 24 hour notice must be provided, otherwise a $50 minimum charge will apply.

For custom film productions and all aerial services, a minimum 24 hour notice must be provided, otherwise a $200 minimum charge will apply.

The Client shall pay all expenses incurred up to the time of the cancellation.

Same day cancellations will incur the full cost of the appointment booked.

Home Preparation

It is essential that the home is prepared for the photography or/and filming appointment and ready upon the arrival of the photographer.

We have created a Photography Preparation Checklist - you can use this as a guide to prepare the home. Unless otherwise arranged with the photographer, a home that has not been prepared will not be photographed and must be rescheduled.

If the home is not ready to be photographed when the Photographer arrives, as per the Photography Preparation Checklist, then the Photographer may choose to wait until the home is ready. Waiting or cleanup and staging assistance time, if available, is charged at $100 per hour or portion thereof and added to the invoice.

Onsite Services

Onsite services such as photography and videography will typically take between 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on property size and service chosen.

Please contain all pets in a room(s) that will not be photographed.

Please try to minimize the amount of people in the home. Please do not book showings or other appointments during the photography session. Delays incurred on-site falling outside the scope of work required by any member of 360hometours.ca will be billed to the Client at $100 per hour.

Delivery / Archival

Images and virtual tours are typically available between 24 and 48 hours after the shoot. The images are edited and optimized for quality before delivery to our Clients. New Clients will be setup with their own personal login and password to access all of their property listings on 360hometours.ca. An email will be sent from 360hometours.ca containing the Client’s login credentials.

The Client will receive an email once the media has been processed for a new listing. From the user login, the Client can download the images via a ZIP folder, copy the virtual tour link and manage their listings. Additional assistance to obtain zipped files and step through instructions to upload the images to MLS can be purchased for an extra fee.

Our cinematic films are typically available within three to five days of the shoot. Completed films are uploaded to 360hometours.ca YouTube and/or Vimeo Pro channels. Video files are also available upon request via Dropbox.

All media produced is archived three months after project completion. Media is deleted from our archives two years after project completion.

Additional Fees

Travel - A travel fee applies for areas outside of Metro Vancouver and some areas within Metro Vancouver. If a travel fee applies to your listing, it will be included in your estimate.

Tolls - A toll fee/s may be applied to your invoice if the 360 Team Member has to incur this expense if travelling to your listing. If a toll fee applies to your listing, it will be included in our estimate.

Parking - A parking fee may be applied to your invoice if the 360 Team Member has to incur this expense to photograph your listing.

Retouching - All final photos are colour corrected as per our calibrated monitors. The Company is not responsible for the Clients monitor colour interpretation. Any additional retouching requested by the Client will be charged out at $100 per hour.

Media Retrieval - All media produced is archived three months after project completion. Media retrieval is subject to a $100 fee per project once it has been archived.

Client Representation

The Client is responsible to be present at the shoot to approve the Photographer’s interpretation of the assignment. If the Client is not present, the Photographer’s interpretation shall be deemed acceptable.


The Client hereby indemnifies and holds the Company harmless against any and all liabilities, claims, and expenses, including lawyers fees, arising from the Client’s use of the Company's work.

Requirements for Operating a UAV

Although the technology is fairly new, strict rules are already in place.

Due to our aerial team having a long term and open SFOC our requirements are a little more relaxed, such as a safety perimeter of only 30m in built up areas (instead of 150m in non-built up areas) even with the larger UAV's we mostly use, the ability to legally operate without prior notice to Transport Canada, and closer to airports with special clearance.

Below are just a few of the requirements we cannot operate without:

Operational range

Our pilot must maintain continuous unaided visual contact with the UAV sufficient to be able to maintain operational control of the UAV, know its location and be able to scan the airspace in which it is operating to decisively see and avoid other air traffic or objects.

Safety perimeter away from any vehicle and pedestrian traffic

The safety perimeter is the buffer area around the UAV required by Transport Canada, away from any traffic or persons not directly associated with the operation. We must always give way to any traffic not directly associated with the operation, and are only permitted to stop traffic from entering the safety perimeter temporarily, to give us time to land our UAV (and let traffic through). This is only possible in low traffic areas, unless street occupancy permits are obtained and within budget.

The safety perimeter must be at least 30m (100ft) around the flight area for any flights below 30m (100ft).

We are only permitted to fly above 30m (100ft) depending on airspace and in areas where a very large safety perimeter can be attained (over water or a very large lot), and relative to the flight altitude of the UAV. E.g. a flight at 60m (200ft) above ground will require a safety perimeter of at least 60m (200ft) around the flight area.

Airports and Aerodromes

If/when flying in controlled airspace, we must firstly submit flight plans to the appropriate airport and get approval to operate.

Safety and Privacy

All neighboring properties within the safety perimeter must be notified for safety and privacy reasons before any flights.

All properties that might be captured (within reason) outside the safety perimeter must be notified for privacy reasons.